Welcome to My Mind

Come on in, what harm could it do...?

Taurus, red hair, glasses, a lack of freckles, stubborn with a bit of a temper (which fits with the two former descriptors). I like to draw when I can find the time and I write (occasionally) as well as dabble in a variety of crafts (painting, cross-stitching, wood burning, sculpting figurines, etcetra) when I'm in a creative mood. I've done several different art projects at least once just to try them. I almost always have about half a dozen projects going at once and tend to have a hard time actually finishing any of them (I put things off frequently). It's a celebration when I actually manage to finish a project.

Huh, well that was more than I intended to write about me. This bio is supposed to be more about my journal after all. Anyways, my journal will be a place where I write random thoughts, especially memorable experiences (good and bad), how my fictional characters view particular events, when I've uploaded a new drawing and whatever else tickles my fancy. Most of all, I do this for my own entertainment and to jump start my creativity. Though I would hardly object to meeting some new people along the way.

Debating politics used to not really be my thing but that's changed a bit in recent times. I enjoy expressing my opinions so I'm going to toss out a little of what I believe and you can take it or leave it. I'm a republican with a few moderate leanings. What that means in terms of the big hot button topics is as follows: pro-gun (the second amendment exists to preserve the first), pro-gay marriage but state regulated instead of federal (before the question comes up, yes I'm straight) and moderately pro-choice (certain situations like rape, incest and harm to the mother call for the allowance). I think the majority of the media needs to start reporting the news as is instead of giving their worthless opinionated slant on things. I believe in god, but I'm not very fond of most organized religion. I loath most liberals. They make my skin crawl with their hypocrisy, lack of sense and empty promises. If you're a liberal and are offended by this, oh well. You guys regularly offend me, so it's only fair.

On a side note, other than my deviantART account I'm also on FanFiction.net. I don't go there very often and I only have one story posted (which embarrasses me when I look at it now) but if you're interested my profile is here.

I'm also a bit of a Spore addict.